Why are my teeth bared?

"Often the baring of teeth occurs slowly and asymptomatically. The reasons are usually present from early childhood because they depend on the bite. If teeth are more external and more prominent, and your gums are thin, it is likely that throughout the years your teeth will be bared.

The main causes of bared teeth are a strong grip and teeth grinding, the overburdening of certain teeth with bad habits (peeling seeds, chewing nails and cuticles, chewing on toothpicks, pencils, pipes, cigarette holders, electronic cigarettes, etc.). Teeth overload occurs as a result of improper bite as some teeth do not "do their job," while others take on their function.

Frequently, the overburdened teeth are bared. Excessive gum chewing, which is not at all appropriate for people who have bared teeth or sore jaw joints, is another example of overburdening the teeth.

Another common cause of bared teeth is "power" brushing with a stiff brush and scrub horizontal movements. It is very important that people who have thin gums and bared teeth use only soft and ultra-soft manual toothbrushes. The proper technique in such cases is "sweeping" movements from the gums to the teeth in order to massage the gum.

People who have bared teeth should avoid acidic foods and drinks, carbonated and sugary drinks, etc., to prevent pain in the tooth cervix."

Dr. Shuleva