How do I properly clean my teeth?

"Good hygiene requires perseverance. Teeth should be brushed daily - morning and evening, after meals.

It is better to use soft manual toothbrushes because they would not hurt the gums and teeth, but would clean them gently. The right movements are directed from the gums to the teeth.


Young children can be told to "draw circles" on the teeth, again using soft brushes.

For older children, rather than circles and scrubbing, the “sweeping” motions, directed from the gums to the teeth are more appropriate. After using the toothbrush to clean the teeth inside and outside, above and below, the interdental spaces are cleaned with dental floss or an interdental brush.

Any healthy person should be cleaning the interdental spaces nightly. This is the ideal prevention of tooth decay and inflammation!

Thirdly, good dental hygiene requires rinsing with different mouthwashes or plain water. To gargle with Arcola means to actively move the cheeks at least for 30-60 seconds. Thus, the created power current and vacuum in the mouth help to rinse well the sublingual space, the throat, and the cheeks – all important surfaces, populated by bacteria.

When you buy solutions for rinsing, read the instructions for using them. They can be "casual," if they are suitable for every day and "healing," if they indicated that they were active and for short-term use.


While you can buy medical solutions if you have a problem, do not forget to go to the dentist for diagnosis and treatment, as medical solutions and toothpastes cannot treat the bacteria. In the overall treatment plan, medical solutions are usually prescribed following the mechanical removal of bacterial deposits from the teeth and periodontal pockets."


Dr. Shuleva