Can I have implants if I have periodontitis?

"Yes. Periodontitis is only a temporary obstacle to a good implantology treatment.

You should not have implants done if: your gums bleed, they swell with pus, you detect "bad breath" in your mouth, or if you are an active smoker and do not know whether you have melted bacteria bone.

Once the periodontal disease is controlled, there is no problem to have implants, provided you observe good hygiene and regularly go for check-ups.


If your teeth are healthy, without inflammation, the implants are very stable over the years, becoming even healthier than the teeth.


But if the mouth is infected and the infection spreads to the implant, the bacteria attack it quickly (periimplantitis) as they rapidly move deeper along its screw part. The implant has no blood supply like a normal tooth and hence has no protective mechanisms. "

Dr. Shuleva