Dentistry services


When a person comes to the initial appointment, the most important thing for us is to hear the reasons that brought him or her here, to pay attention to the history of the disease and his or her previous treatments, as well as to provide a thorough examination of the patient.

Patients must make an appointment for their initial check-up.

Dr. Stanislava Shuleva conducts the initial check-up.

Patients who need no treatment receive specialized advice for disease prevention and directions for proper oral hygiene.

Patients who need specialized advice most often are people who:

  • Have very thin gums and are prone to teeth baring
  • Have sensitive cervix of the teeth
  • Want to have whitening done
  • Have an improper bite, which could affect their gums
  • Have family history of periodontological problems
  • Are young women who come for prophylaxis before and during pregnancy
  • Want to know more about the prophylaxis of their children

The clinic of Dr. Shuleva offers full periodontal (Read more) and implantology treatment (Read more).

Following the treatment of the periodontal disease and after determining the prognosis of the disease, if a further comprehensive dental treatment is needed, a team of dentists specialists from different fields: conservative dentistry, endodontics, orthodontics, prosthetics and others becomes involved.

Dr. Shuleva works in a team with many renowned dentists and specialists whose goal is high quality, comprehensive treatment of patients.

Following the completion of all patient treatment, Dr. Shuleva creates an individual plan for maintaining the outcomes of the treatment for lifetime.