When should you take your child to the dentist?

"A child older than 2 years should become familiar with the dentist, going for a visit to the dental office with a parent or another relative when they have a regular check-up appointment.  It is desirable that the child gets used to the atmosphere and wants to have his or her teeth examined, for which he or she receives a “reward.”

Also important is that your child has visited the office without pain and not because of an emergency.

Proper daily hygiene must be cultivated from the moment of teeth eruption. Of course, personal example is important for children. The development of proper dental hygiene begins with the right attitude shown by grandparents and parents.

Besides brushing, setting an example of healthy eating is most vital. Children will not become fond of sweets and lollipops if adults did not offer them.

Children must be taught to drink plenty of water “to wash” off the acid after eating sweets or chocolate.


Parents must help their children to form healthy bite habits – after 2 years of age, sucking on a pacifier, a finger, a toy, a blanket, etc., will adversely affect the development of the jaws.

It is important to prevent caries of the teeth, or if already present, to treat it. To prevent the emergence of new decay in milk teeth so that they can be replaced naturally after the sixth year of age is also important.

When the milk teeth start changing to permanent teeth, you should visit an orthodontist, if your dentist is worried that there is "no room" for the new teeth to grow."

Dr. Shuleva